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Wellspring Counseling is a privately owned, faith-based counseling practice offering professional, compassionate, healing and recovery. A Christian approach is used, meaning that it is Christ-centered and Biblically based. Christ in His encounters with individuals was always accepting of the person, yet “cared enough to confront” what one needed to change regarding choices, behaviors, attitudes, and most importantly the heart.

One example of this approach is modeled when Jesus had an interaction with a woman – at a well.

The woman felt isolated and alone, even though she lived in a town outside of a prominent city. She wanted to be loved and accepted, yet experienced shame and guilt from the behaviors and choices she made. She was shunned and criticized by those who should’ve been a support for her.

Then she met a stranger – someone who cared enough to confront her about unhealthy issues in her life and offered her hope and a solution to a new way of living.

Jesus created a “safe-space” for her at the well that day. He met her in the messy and painful parts of her life. He confronted her. Yet, she experienced grace and unconditional love. She gained a new perspective. Christ cared enough about her to confront her and invited her to have a different kind of life through Him. Her life was changed forever that day at the well (John 4:1-14).

You will find a place of safety at Wellspring Counseling, so that you can unpack and process the issues in life that keep you feeling stuck and alone.

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